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"Thousands of items delivered to your door: mjam market is Vienna's lightning-fast online supermarket. Order groceries, fresh fruit & vegetables, sweet & savory snacks, beverages as well as household products and have everything delivered within just 15 minutes. Discover our rapidly growing offer and order conveniently at supermarket prices! "

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or the groceries you love! Either way: Download the mjam app and order your favorite food, groceries or snacks via your smartphone. In a heartbeat, we’re at your door with a smile and your order!


Indulge your cravings with mjam's restaurant network

Try a new dish or revisit an old favourite with mjam, with food delivery direct to your door. We make it easy for you to order your favourite food to your door - and you don't even need to leave the house. Whether you prefer to browse restaurants and order via your smartphone, tablet or computer, our app and website make it easy and enjoyable to pick your next cuisine.

Mjam is always there for you, 24/7, and whenever your favourite restaurants are open our national network of experienced delivery drivers work non-step to bring your favourite dish from restaurants near you - straight to your home. Relax and take it easy while you put in your order, and let us do the hard work for you. All you need to do is wait for your delicious fresh food to arrive on your doorstep!

Order safely and happily with our secure online system, and save your details to make the entire order process a breeze - with your food on its way to you in just a few clicks!

You'll also find a huge range of fantastic restaurants, cafes, takeaways and gastropubs on our national website, as mjam now covers the whole of Austria. Order to your home or order to your location whenever you are away. Mjam makes it easy for you to enjoy delicious dishes from whichever cuisine your heart desires, night or day!

It couldn't be easier to order with mjam!

Our delivery service makes it so relaxing to order your favourite cuisine - and you don't even need to leave the house! Mjam's national network of delivery drivers use bikes whenever possible and make deliveries in ways that are highly efficient so that we are always working to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to minimise carbon emissions from multiple journeys. So when you order your favourite cuisine at mjam you can rest assured that you are also doing your bit for the environment too!

Sit back, relax and browse delicious and tempting cuisines from across the world. Perhaps you fancy a spicy Indian curry or a flavoursome Chinese noodle dish? Maybe classic American burgers or British fish 'n chips grab you, or you're craving something sweet from a dessert cafe? Celebrate a special occasion with a lavish Persian meal, discover Vietnamese pho, indulge in Greek kofta or cosy up with an array of fresh Italian pizzas and pasta for all the family. You'll find plenty of food inspiration and tips on our blog, and specialist foods too including vegan, Halal and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy their culinary cravings to the full!

If you need inspiration, you will find it via our app, which lists all of the restaurants near you and allows you to browse deals, special offers, cuisines, price points, delivery times and other factors that matter to you. When you spot your preferred restaurant, simply place your order in a few clicks and we will get to work - whizzing your freshly prepared order piping hot to your door! You can pay online for total ease, or choose to pay by cash upon delivery. We work around your needs to offer the best possible service.

FAQ section:

How does the wallet work and where can I find it?

Simply go to your user account to find your wallet and then add details of your chosen payment card. You can then choose to save any cards that you use to place an order so that they are saved in your secure digital wallet for future use. For your next order, simply click and pay in an instant without needing to re-enter your details. Our secure, encrypted website keeps your private and personal data safe and password secured at all times.

Guest accounts no longer exist, so what can I do now?

It's easy to set up a personal and private customer account with mjam. Simply complete the short pop-up form when prompted, or choose to link to your new account via Facebook or Google using your existing data. Select your password and you'll immediately be logged in to your new mjam account, ready to order your next meal.

Why do I need to verify my account with a mobile number and how does it work?

We use your mobile phone number to provide security and to uphold data protection procedures. By providing this data, you can receive updates on your order via our app, and know that your account security is being maintained. For example, periodically we may ask you to authenticate your account by entering a code that we send securely to your mobile phone. This helps to keep it secure. We use the latest internet security and payment protection protocols on our website to protect our customers, and two-factor authentication such as this helps to offer the highest levels of privacy and safety online.

Which cuisine will tempt you tonight at mjam?

McDonalds, Nando's, Subway, Pizza Express, Wagamama's... what appeals to you tonight? Maybe you're looking for a speciality dish from your local independent restaurant - that rack of ribs from your local Gastropub, Pad Thai from your favourite Thai restaurant or a huge vegan burger from a favourite gourmet fast food joint. Perhaps you're ready to try something new and exciting? In which case, browse local restaurants for fresh flavours, exciting menus and plenty of gastronomic inspiration to tempt your tastebuds, whether you're dining alone or ordering in for the team! At mjam we make great food easy to get - and we're passionate about providing the best possible customer experience at every turn.

The restaurants that mjam partners with are all passionate about serving delicious, authentic food to their customers, and use mjam to make it just that little bit easy to order the food that you want - and get it delivered to your door.

Can't be bothered to cook tonight? Got a special occasion to celebrate, friends or family coming over, or simply fancy really good food... cooked by experts? Then simply relax and order whatever you fancy from your chosen digital device and mjam will take care of everything for you! Sign up for special offers, make your order in your private account area, choose your delivery time and even track your order's delivery progress so that you know when to make your way to the front door... it couldn't be easier to enjoy a culinary journey all around the world with mjam, without leaving the house!

Stock up on your groceries at mjam too!

Did you also know that you can order your groceries from mjam? Yes, the experts in cooked food delivery from your favourite local restaurants are also now partnering with your favourite local grocery providers to bring your ingredients direct to the door - fresh, on-time and without any hassle on your part. As ever, we are committed to a carbon-neutral delivery model, so you can leave your car at home - and just relax while we gather and pack your order in record time. Why book grocery slots in advance when you can order in a few swipes and have your groceries in just a few hours? It couldn't be easier to top up your kitchen essentials with mjam!

Don't forget to check out the mjam online market too if you live in Vienna! You can now have your favourite foods, drinks and other essentials delivered to your door within just 30 minutes - and at typical supermarket prices! We offer thousands of products and regularly update our stock lists to include everything seasonal that you want and love in your kitchen.

Mjam is proud to be changing the game to deliver rapid groceries to all of Vienna by this summer, and to extend this exciting new offer to customers all over Austria as soon as possible! Even better, for a limited period, there are no delivery charges at all for new orders, and the first orders will also receive a free goodie bag! Naturally, we continue with our aim to operate on an entirely carbon-neutral basis, so mjam customers know that they are doing their bit to take cars - and emissions - off the road. Let our network of eco-friendly bikes work their magic instead, and make the most efficient journeys possible across your city, using our cutting-edge logistics technologies to reduce waste and to bring you the freshest foods every time you order.

Check out our latest promo page to find out more about mjam grocery market, and grab your food, drink and grocery essentials from the comfort of your sofa in less than an hour! Got any queries? Check out our FAQ page for everything you want to know, or chat with us online during opening hours.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. So whether you've forgotten to order breakfast or need to buy ingredients for a big family lunch, mjam has you covered with 'regular price' groceries on order via our app or website and delivered within 30 minutes across Vienna!